What Is Lonnie's Room?

There is a room in our home to which I navigate more frequently than the others. It makes me feel secure, it is cozy, and it is quiet. From the peak of the room, there is a large rusty metal angel suspended by a very thin wire. It would apear as if the angel is hovering over me, protecting, and always present. The lighting in the room creates a virtual display of dancing shadows around the angel.

Every evening when I am in "MY ROOM", I think of what Luciano de Crescenzo once said, "We are all like one-winged angels. it is only when we help each other that we can fly."

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Glory and Praise

This is a blog which I hope will give you a little faith and inspiration.   My mom has been staying with me a few months during a convalesing period.  From the beginning I was not sure I knew how to care for her or even if I could.  Our house is not necessarily built or arranged for such not-so-easy times.  I began this journey by praying that God would be with us, would give me strength, would provide healing, patience, and love.  It has been an interesting journey.  When I needed something... it was there.  When I needed help..... it was there.  When I needed patience.... I took a deep breath and it was there. We have discovered how to do many things... including climbing stairs.  Every day I thank God for his presence in our lives and for his healing hand.

 Tuesday I heard on the radio and TV  that the area should be prepared for this very large amount of rain.... my prayers continued.   My thoughts were that we just could not handle the day where our energies would be focused solely on a basement of water and pumps.  Wednesday morning I awoke to water surrounding the farm buildings and the drainage ditch full of water, which is always a sign of  danger in the basement.  We immediately went to the basement to begin our day long routine of pumping and mopping to find it.... you guessed it.... dry!  How can that be?  God heard our prayers and I am forever thankful.  I truly give him glory and praise for that miracle on a day when we needed it.  I continue my prayers for everyone who has been effected by the high water this week.

Monday, August 7, 2017

26 Lessons Learned

As promised in my last blog, I am going to share with you Mare Chernoff's 26 lessons learned by the age of 26

1.   Being an adult can be fun when you are acting like a child
2.   Love has nothing to do with looks, but everything to do with time, trust and interest.
3.   Laughing, crying, joy and anger...all are vital.  All make us human.
4.   The greatest truths in life are uncovered with simple, steady awareness.
5.   Greed will bury even the lucky eventually.
6.   Bad things do happen to good people.
7.   Paving your own road is intelligent only if nobody has gone exactly where you are going.
8.   Uncertainty is caused by a lack of knowledge.  Hesitation is a product of fear.
9.   Time heals all wounds... regardless of how you feel right now.
10.  Most of the time what you are looking for is right in front of you.
11.  Your health is your life.
12.  Chance is a gift, so act on chance when given the opportunity.
13.  Kindness and hard work will take you further than intelligence.
14.  People deserve a second chance, but not a third.
15.  Marry your best friend.
16.  Take lots of pictures.  Someday yo will really be glad you did.
17.  Money makes life easier only when the money is yours free and clear.
18.  Carelessness is the root of failure.
19.  Your actions now create memories you will reminisce and talk about in your elder years.
20.  Stepping outside of your comfort zone will put things into perspective from an angle you can't  
        grasp now.
21.  Motivation comes in short bursts.  Act while it's hot.
22.  Purposely ignoring the obvious is like walking backwards toward the enemy.
23.  Taking ownership of failure builds the foundation of success.
24.  First impressions are completely worthless 50% of time.
25.  Personal glory lasts forever.
26.  If you never act, you will never know for sure.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Life on a 3x5

I was going through some old papers and found an article I wrote a few years ago that I felt would be worth sharing today.  There was a movie starring Jennifer Anise.  The movie placed her in New York city where she owned a small floral shop.  While meeting with a potential client, she handed him her business card stating, "My Life On a 3x5".  Immediately my feelings were rather sad for anyone who would think their life could be summed up on a 3 x 5 pieces of paper.  There is so much more to life than that... it can fill a book!  Ours is but a journey into ourselves.  Our life is like a book that we write throughout our life by dancing, singing, smiling, trusting, loving, laughing, crying, learning, dreaming, remembering, working, winning, losing, and healing.  Life on earth is to be lived, even through those difficult times as it all becomes part of our book.  Those difficult times teaches us lessons that we carry forward.  In my next blog I will share with you Mare Chernoff's 26 Life Lessons learned by the age of 26.  Stay tuned!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Never too Late or Old!!

Twenty plus years ago when we bought our property, we planted 100 or so evergreen trees which we hoped someday would provide privacy and wind break.  Now 20 plus years later, it is time to clean up those huge evergreens.  Over years, vines grow up and smother those greens which requires trimming and shaping.  Since I am now retired, I have experienced  the chore of assisting in that task.  My husband has taught me a great deal.  For instance.... attire must be of long sleeves, gloves, shoes that can withstand sap, and hat or headband....all learned the hard way of course.  Secondly, one always piles branches with base toward you so they are easier to load and unload. Thirdly, there are certain words one pays attention to such as Heads up, help, oops, sh--! and run.  There are also a few words that one takes no offense to such as "sappy", "creeping", and ugly ... not referring to any person in attendance thank goodness.  It has been a huge task and we are only half way done, but.... it has been a learning experience and something I have not experienced previously.  So..... it is never too late or we are never too old to experience something different, something difficult, or something unexpected.
Tackling something new, no matter how easy or work intensive, expands our knowledge base and adds to our self worth.  Besides.... we sleep very well at night!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Remembrance Day

Today is a special remembrance day... it is the 60th anniversary of my brother's death.  60 years! Wow.... that is a long time!  I decided I needed to visit the cemetery where he was buried.  Of course, my second thought was that one never goes to visit someone without taking something.  What would he like....."  A cookie of course!  After stopping at the store and buying a pack of M&M cookies, I continued my journey.    Just as in our childhood... he got one and I got five... that is the way an older sister counts.  One for you and five for me.  The only thing missing was the battering back and forth.  .... that and the milk we usually had to go with it.  Sound silly?  Of course but it lightens a heavy heart.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Fathers Day Thoughts

Father’s Day is just around the clock corner and I am preparing cards and special thoughts for the men in our family.  My father and father in law are no longer with us and it is a perfect time to miss them but thankful they are in a great place.  As with many in our small town, we cannot help but think of Fathers Day 47 years ago when a train derailed resulting in a day long fight with exploding tank cars, fire, and uncertainty.  Every year our community comes together to thank God no one died and by His grace we recovered and united.  We discovered that  things we thought were so very important were not.  What was and still is important is our faith and belief in God, unity in our community, and love for our families.  With this thought in mind, I hope everyone takes a few moments to consider what is important in your life and be thankful.  Happy Father’s Day to all you men who love and care so deeply.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

What Do You Do?

My inspiration today has come from a book which my supervisor gave to me when I retired.  I loved this little book so much that I have read it three times.  It is entitled, "What Do You Do With An Idea?" written by Kobi Yamada.  It actually is a children's book I believe, but the meaning and the illustrations are wonderful.  It is a story about an idea and the child who helps bring it to life.  How many times have we had ideas that we thought were wonderful but no one else did?  How many times did those ideas not come to reality because we were afraid to try?  This book encourages us to have faith in ourselves and our ideas because one day that idea may change the world!